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Thinking about building a new business?

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If you are new to business and believe you have an idea which may hold promising potential to not only grow into a rewarding investment for you in a reasonable time frame, but is also something you are both familiar with and passionate about, then let Wiseacre be the ‘know-how’ company you trust to streamline and facilitate the building of your dream business and its inbuilt functions, improve your day-to-day lifestyle and maximise your possible revenue growth!

We understand that building a business for the first time can be wildly intimidating, and can sometimes leave you feeling hopelessly overwhelmed, rapidly sucking away any belief that your business can advance past your initial concepts. For instance, you may come across blogs on the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of developing a good business plan, or not know what products or services will actually appeal to your target market- or you may even be indecisive as to who your target market really is! Yes indeed. Building a new business, and understanding whether it is the right choice for you can be nothing short of unsettling.

But… Before you think to throw in the towel!
Luckily, there are services out there (albeit only a few) who live to do all the hard yards -from start to finish- FOR YOU! 

When you decide to use the aid of a business advisor and our professional management services, you are choosing to rid yourself of all the guess work, allowing you to commit to only the most convenient measure of involvement while your business is being established, leaving you free to forfeit the initial regulation risks and maintain you current lifestyle until your business is up and running!

Wiseacre not only promises to mutually dedicate themselves in partnership with you while your business is being implemented through agreed objectives, it also leaves you with open support amidst our professionals post completion of the project, and provides you with your very own business plan to sustain ongoing success.

Ultimately, Wiseacre have the experience, diagnostic tools and resources to assist you in understanding and unlocking your businesses potential! When you make the decision to place your faith in us (and therefore YOU!), you are guaranteeing to not only cause meaningful improvement in your customer’s lives with your products or services, but will also be reaping the rewards of accomplishing your desired long-term lifestyle.

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Already have a business?

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If you are beginning to ask questions that revolve around whether you should be selling your business, you first need to ask yourself what effect the decision will make on the lifestyle you enjoy today. In the case of small-business owners, there is usually more money to be made from keeping your business than from selling it. Forbes article “Should I sell my Business” explores the critical question: Can you replace your current compensation with the investment income from sale proceeds and existing investments?

Former business attorney John Brown provides the following scenario. If you received an estimated sale price of $2,800,000 of investable assets from your business, a financial planner may only recommend using a 4% annual withdrawal rate, being approximately $110,000 a year. With this, and any accompanying payments, you could expect a yearly income of $150,000 per year. With this example, the owner was surprised to discover when working with their financial planner that him and his wife were currently enjoying a $300,000 a year lifestyle.

In short, unless they halved their lifestyle, they were not going to remain comfortable throughout their later years. At Wiseacre, we understand that in this lies the largest concern of all business owners struggling with any form of damage control, pondering whether now, before loss of value risk grows, is the right time to exit their investment. We recommend that unless you are absolutely certain that selling is the best business decision for yourself and for your family (does your lifestyle remain unchanged?), one sure-fire way to keep your business growing and to maximise its value and profitability, is to make some subtle, but effective changes.

That is what we do. 

It is considered that only owners who can sell their companies for enough money to maintain their lifestyles even have a choice to sell or to stay. While we cannot answer that question on your behalf, if selling your business is a consideration you are currently having, you owe it to yourself to ask: Do you have a choice?

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What we do to build a successful business for you.


Website design and development (domain and hosting)

From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design affects your entire internet presence. We at Wiseacre pride ourselves in setting our clients up with the most effective and characteristic design for their businesses website(s), implemented through agreed objectives, guaranteeing that visitors will take the time to read the content our clients have invested their precious time, energy and money into.

Before deciding on whether you should use the aid of our business advisors and professional management services, it is important that you understand the full impact of web design. It isn’t simply a preference or minor choice. From SEO and branding to conversion rates and more, your site’s web design plays a major role in how your brand is perceived by consumers everywhere.

Great web design is inspired by new ideas which are strategically arranged and then actualised on screen to achieve both an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly display, encouraging the appeal of new and returning customers to stay on and to promote your site, while altogether representing the personality and essence of your business. 

A great website works in a way that makes sense to both humans and search engines. There are several design elements that are considered when creating great websites for our customers.


Great web design requires a well thought-out layout to not only ensure that the site looks good, but also to make sure that the site is user friendly and logical.


Establishing a colour scheme. Is there already a pre-existing brand identity, or does a new brand identity need to be established along side the design process of the website?


Photos, logos, icons and/or graphs are used when creating a website to enhance the users experience. They can be used to break up text in order to give the user a break from reading and also helps to best illustrate the content.


Fonts are chosen when developing your businesses brand identity, and a couple of complimentary fonts will usually be selected. These may include the fonts used in your businesses logo and headers paired with a more readable font for your websites text.


Keeping customers on your site once they arrive is essential for keeping your ‘bounce rate’ down. The right content in your site grants search engines an opportunity to note that visitors are finding information relevant to what they have searched for. This has a major effect on your sites SEO.

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Business branding

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Business branding is essential for franchising your business in order to stay in control of your assets and to build your business’s influence and profits. It directly describes

the art of creating a new identity for your business. Wiseacre experts are adept at building an impactful and relatable brand, positively influencing how customers will predominately perceive your business, and helping to form the way they feel about the services you are offering. Your brand, (through colour scheme, memorable simplistic design, and subtle embodiment of the target audience) will tell your customers what your business stands for and aims to effortlessly express the personality of your business. 

Your brand is your companies most valuable asset, as this is the only thing a business has to distinguish itself from the competition. As such, companies have begun to more fully appreciate the importance of enhancing and safeguarding their brands. It is therefore essential that your decision on entrusting the right company to vigilantly enforce your brands safety is carefully considered. 

We at Wiseacre not only confidently pride ourselves in cooperatively building a brand for your business, we are also experts in brand security. All of your marketing and promotional material will strictly follow branding guidelines specifically designed for your business. One of the most important factors we will enforce is actively controlling where our customers ads are placed, to ensure your business products and messages do not appear alongside media content that is offensive, harmful, or otherwise inconsistent with the brand’s values. You will additionally be listed in our very own business directory upon finalisation. Our craft lies in producing strong, trusted brands which otherwise would take significant time and investment to build, protecting your businesses reputation and growth.  

Additionally, Wiseacre also provide both offline and online marketing services to advertise and capitalise your brand, such as:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Google ads
  • Social media identity and management

A focus to search engine optimisation (SEO) is an added benefit that is central to your content appearing in search results, and can be received as either a complimentary bonus through our specialist services upon registration to our site, or as an additional service to recondition the health of your current business. 

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Website and business management

business hand shake man lap top girl in officeIt is often said that your website somewhat resembles your business card on the internet. But generally speaking, it is far more than that. Your website can portray a catalogue of products and services you want to sell. Or, it can be an application that grants your customers an opportunity to ask questions and receive a response when you are not directly available. Your website could be an online shopping portal. And certainly, your website is your brands online presence, advertising your contact details, office hours, and the team which makes your business great.

However, it is true that most businesses lack the time, energy, resources and/or breadth of expertise to manage their websites properly. Should you want to keep your website live, working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then that is where we can come in. Simply put, your website is your most valuable employee, smoothly running under our management. We can have your website working constantly and invisibly, generating business, sales and profits passively for your convenience. 

As for the rest of your business, WiseAcre provide a unique service where, at finalisation of your websites development, you may choose to order a comprehensive business plan within the first 8 -10 weeks of completion, followed by a full implementation plan which will be cooperatively worked through with you to ensure your business will achieve all of its short, medium and long term objectives. The final product will include crucial strategies to effectively manage your success, such as how to stay connected to your ever-changing audience, and will provide a detailed overview into how we at Wiseacre can work in partnership with you to notably manage the remainder of your distribution channels.

In addition to pointing you in the right place for inspiration toward building both your online and offline presence, one of our team will always be available for personal mentoring.  

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Register now for a free consultation and business diagnostic. Alternatively if you have any questions you’d like answered, fill out the form below and one of our Wiseacre Wise Folks will be in touch promptly. 





Wiseacre News:

5th October 2018


Seasons Magazine – Brand New Site!

Web Design NZ Seasons build a business

We are proud to have launched our new site and we have been working hard on our clients sites too!

Take a look at this website we have just finished for Seasons Magazine. They asked us to give their old site a more modern look and feel.

We are very pleased with the results and the client is too!

Thanks Seasons!